Plan & Pricing

How Rural Wireless Internet Works

1) Our 100+ tower sites broadcast Internet

2) We install a radio & antenna then align it to the nearest tower

3) We run a cable from the radio to your router

4) You enjoy fast, reliable, high-speed Internet

Rural Wireless Internet

Now you can have the fastest internet connection for all of your devices. With unWired’s rural wireless internet you can stream, download, and play your favorite online games with no data limits, the latest technology, no hidden fees, and local technical support right here in the valley!

The Ultimate Gaming and Video Experience Brought to you by unWired!

Stream your favorite movies, shows and video

Game online. No lag, No limits, No disconnects.

Stream your favorite online radio stations.

More Reasons to Love unWired!

Local Service

We are headquartered in Central California with In-House Installation, Sales and Technical Support. Customer service takes on a whole new meaning when you live and work with the customers you serve.

No Data Limits

You can run at your plan speed 24x7x365! We supply a pipeline, not a bucket so you never run out of data. Plans are provided by speed not fixed allowances, so your data will never be throttled.

Latest Technology

Our team of network engineers are continually upgrading and expanding our network with the latest technologies and newest gear to keep pace with increasing demands of our customers.

Home Is Where The Internet Is

Find out today if high-speed wireless internet is available in your area!